3 changes for two weeks as Muslimah

It has been amazing weeks after shahada. For two weeks as Japanese Muslim revert, I found out there are some outer and inner changes to share.

 1. More learning opportunities on Islam

Since reverting to Muslim, I got kind supports from brothers and sisters. One of those is an invitation to join classes for Islamic studies at Tokyo Camii on weekends. Because of it, I got to join several classes, Basic Islamic lecture for Muslimah, Lecture of an important lesson from hadith and Arabic class for reading Quran.

Previously even I was learning Islam by reading related books or asking questions to my Muslim friends but I know that I was just a Japanese who is interested in Islam.

But when I actually reverted to Islam, they treat me as a real family like family want to provide good education to their child. The great thing about learning together with family is simply I can keep my motivation not to give up on learning the universal topics can apply to all individuals in our lives.

It is from A to Z and it cannot be done all by intensive course, so it will take time. But I do find myself enjoy learning what I find interested in for my life.

Learning more on Islam
Opportunities come to learn more about Islam

2. Better attitude to talk with people

As part of one big family in Islam, I have got to know lots of brothers and sisters after the revert. Once they met me and knew that I am new Japanese Muslim revert, they always congrats me with saying, “welcome back to Islam, sister”.

Every time I go to Tokyo Camii to study or pray, brothers and sisters Salam me and I found out it does not matter we have known each other. After that I learn giving salam first is better than that you are waiting for it so I try to say “Assalamualaikum” when I meet brothers and sisters.

Some sisters talked to me and asked, “Are you Japanese?” and I say yes they ask more about me. Previously I was not good at talking about myself and socializing with people due to less confidence in myself but I realized I talked to them with relaxed and calm attitude than ever. I guess it’s all because now I know we are family to take care each other and also I do feel appreciation for the opportunity Allah provide me to meet siblings in Tokyo.

3. More spontaneous decisions

As baby Muslim, I have a lot of things to learn. It is literally a lot! Unfortunately, I heard some of the reverts gave up their learning due to pressure to follow and focus the Dos and Don’ts as soon as possible or perfectly. I feel sad when I listen to those stories.

I believe in any things either studies or working, the important is willing to do rather than forced to do. If I willingly try something new it leads me to find out what is difficult or what is easy for me and it promotes spontaneous learning process.

Now after I became to be a Muslimah, the spontaneous willingness became more than before. Especially I found out the importance by addressing “it is by my will” for example to clean up myself for prayers and when I initiate praying. Not only for those situations but also in other daily decisions on what to do or not do, I try to choose the decisions which Allah likes us to do in our life with my own will.

Alhamdulillah. I can’t wait to see how I will change more throughout my journey as Muslimah. Accept whatever I have or receive and keep moving forward.