Right After Shahada

My honest feeling after Shahada was “relieved”. I was so glad that I became to be a Muslim. And I felt warm and calm, at the same time my heart got clean. It was truly unforgettable feelings in my life.

Right after Shahada, Pakistani aunty came into and hugged me tightly. I heard that she was saying Alhamdulillah and I saw big tears in her eyes. I was a bit surprised that even though we don’t know each other she cried tears of joy as if it is her daughter’s big day. I was not able to speak her language so I hugged her back to show my appreciation.

Hundreds of congratulation and Salam were coming into me since the lecture on the day was for non-Japanese so that majority of the auditor was Muslim brothers and sisters who live in Japan. (Surprisingly I saw over 2,000 Muslims in Tokyo) From those congratulated me, I was able to see their diverse backgrounds and it gave me a confident that “In anywhere around the world, there will be brothers and sisters to support each other”. It was another beautiful feeling to find out I am now the sister of a whole Muslim family in the world.

After I exited from the venue, there were some people talked to me in person. They are foreign Muslims living in Japan for business or studies and it seems they settled down their life in Japan. There was a Pakistani couple has business in Japan talked to me with the husband’s fluent Japanese said “Moshi nanika attara itsudemo renraku shitekudasai” meaning if you got in trouble or anything please do not hesitate to contact us. And the wife provided me her contact number.

Not only by them, I had received similar phrases from other brothers and sisters. And I imagined there might be brothers and sisters supported them when they moved to japan, that is why they can offer kind support to new Muslim revert like me.

Another great thing was I was able to meet Japanese Muslimah reverts, those got married to Muslim husband and raise their beautiful children in Japan. They are so humble, kind and I was able to see they were truly happy to welcome new Japanese Muslimah. It was the late evening that we pray for each other to meet again someday in near future.

On the way home, I said to myself “Everything will be fine because I am not alone. I am now living in the world and society where people do support each other”, “someday I want to be a person who can support someone in anyways as I got kind supports from brothers and sisters.” and I found tears in my eyes.


Author: Risa Mizuno

I am just an ordinary Muslimah with a passion for sharing my stories as Japanese Muslim.

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  1. I was so touched by ur revert story. I prayed for you to always be happy and find a lot of good luck in future. May Allah make it easy for you sister and I hope u always find good muslims to support u and inspire u. Try to do hajj in mecca, u will feel so close to Allah, it is a very special experience. Love u sister.

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