No worries, you got a whole life to learn

It has been two months since revert. I received great gifts from Allah, Malaysian host family visit to Tokyo for celebrating my revert, attending the best friends wedding ceremony and gathering with my best friends in Tokyo. Alhamdulillah. Given warm support from Muslims and kind understanding from my Japanese friends even they are non-Muslim. I am simply amazed how greatly my life is changing for better after the revert.

As I write in 3 changes for two weeks as Muslimah, I have got opportunities to learn more about Islam by taking basic Arabic class for reading Quran, Islamic course for new revert Muslimah. I am getting used to my weekend routine to visit Tokyo Camii Mosque to take classes, deliver my prayers and meeting up with lovely sisters. I try my best to keep the weekend Tokyo Camii visit, however sometimes I was not able to attend class due to schedule conflicts then I feel “Oh no, I missed the class! Even I have a lot of things to learn!” with a deep sigh.

During my Malaysian host family’s stay, we were on the way to Tokyo Camii to deliver Magrib prayer and I was talking with host father about my Arabic learning.

Me: I take Arabic class for reading Quran but I sometimes missed it also studying Arabic simply take a time to learn for me. I think I should make more effort though….

Host father: No worries, Risa. Now you have your whole life to learn.

What host father said made me realized that fact I am Muslim now and indeed  I will be Muslim for entire life in the hereafter and forever! Also learning Islam is not the things with stress or hustle,  it is the totally great thing to develop myself to be a good human as Muslimah.

Learning Basic Arabic
Learning Basic Arabic

Sometimes my Japanese perfectionism trying to acquire things strictly make me feel nervous but I learned as long as I make effort for good, Allah will see it and I believe reward of my efforts will come. Who knows my daily practice on reciting Al Fatiha, even it is taking a time to master it,  will lead me to deliver prayer with a strong connection to Allah in the near future.This is an important lesson not only for me but also for those considering to revert I suppose. I do understand those thinking to revert (especially Japanese) want to fully prepare to be Muslim, as I started learning Islam by practicing the principle, but they are able to learn and develop themselves even after reverted! Also the important is learning Islam is not only for the reverts. Even born Muslim dedicate themselves to keep their faith.

I do appreciate the current environment is filled with generous support from brothers and sisters offering their help for those wants to learn about Islam. I would like to take this opportunity with great appreciation and I want to take my own steps forward even take time or slower than others. Inshallah.

Power of Pink Hijab in Tokyo

What the bright color Hijab made me think

Since I revert, I got a lot of gifts from brothers and sisters. Alhamdulilah. Those were Islamic books, CDs, clothes, Hijabs and pins and there was one time I got lots of Hijabs when my Malaysian host family, 4 years of relationship with them, came to Japan to see me to celebrate my revert.

When I saw them, host mother opened the box and showed me a full of colorful Hijabs inside, telling me “I got this from my best friend and this one from my another best friend…” I was so happy to see each hijabs has own stories to tell all the way from Malaysia to Japan. When she showed me various Hijabs, the brilliant pink color hijab with crystal stones caught my eyes. When I took it in hand she told me “this is my best friend as well, I asked her to make the special one for you” it turned out the stones are sawed by hand. Of course, other hijabs are beautiful too but during the time I really wanted to put the pink one on me so I ask her help to wear it nicely then we went out for sightseeing in Shinjyuku, Tokyo.

While I was walking with them, thinking, “I chose pink to wear by myself. What a surprise…” As I usually prefer to wear a dark color like black, dark blue and gray for an outfit, I guess this is my typical Japanese fashion taste, and I never wear bright color especially pink with cloth or accessories as I felt it might look too feminine unlike my character and does not fit on my appearance. When I glanced at the shop windows to see myself, it was really pink! Apparently, that was the outstanding pink color in Tokyo surrounded by autumn leaves.

Interestingly compare with the occasion when I go out with wearing dark color hijab, I did not feel staring eyes on me with the pinky blight hijab. People might consider me as foreigner directly so they do not try hard to figure out who I am from my appearance. It does not mean I want to hide the fact that I am Japanese Muslim revert at all but it was easier for me when I feel fewer eyes. Another surprising feeling with the pink hijab was that I simply felt good as for wearing beautiful color on me like I put my favorite colors on my lips. It makes me feel I am proud of myself as I wear hijab to express who I am too.

Then I realized I tend to choose dark colors to avoid eye-catching in Tokyo. Even it seems logical enough to avoid people’s eyes on me but I found myself consider wearing hijab as with negative attitude somehow, try not too outstanding among people for catching their eyes. The pink hijab, however, brings me to think wearing hijab is a truly good thing, is the way I carry out my belief. It encourages me to be proud of myself as well. Now I am getting a little confidence to try to wear hijab more often in Tokyo to keep my faith and proudly express myself as Muslimah. Inshallah